The best way to tell ground-breaking stories is to experience them 

Wind-turbine technicians are the fastest-growing job category in the United States. To see the story from the point of view of these industrial athletes, Jennifer Oldham snapped on a harness and climbed 260 rungs up a hollow tube to the top of a windmill as tall as the observation deck on the Statue of Liberty's crown. The Washington Post, Industry Week, The Denver Post, the Australian Financial Review and others picked up the story, setting the international agenda for enterprising clean-energy coverage. 

Photo courtesy of Matthew Staver

Photo courtesy of    Matthew Staver

Photo courtesy of Matthew Staver

detail-oriented news breaker

Jennifer Oldham breaks news by unearthing and telling unique stories that people share, including a piece on the marijuana industry's insatiable power demands that is unraveling hard-earned gains in energy conservation in communities nationwide. 

Photo courtesy of    Daniel Acker

Photo courtesy of Daniel Acker

inquisitive explorer

Jennifer Oldham is not afraid to get dirty. Interviews with the right people and observations in the field happen off the beaten path. Fence-jumping in a junk yard informed an award-winning piece on the real estate crisis in North Dakota's man camps.